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Spanish Civilization Through Time

This course offers a broad and fascinating panorama of Spanish history, from the first Neolithic settlement to the 20th century Civil War. Designed for a wide audience, it encompasses Spanish life and culture, including history, art, religion, and travel pointers.

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Discover the rich and diverse history of Spain in our comprehensive course that covers over 5000 years of the country’s development. Spain has played a unique and pivotal role in Western civilization, serving as a crossroad of geography, cultures, religions, ideas, and trade. Despite its importance, Spain’s role has often been overlooked in standard history curricula, but understanding the epic history of Spain is to grasp one of the West’s great civilizations and its enduring influence on the world stage. Our expert instructors will guide you through the centuries, starting from the first Neolithic settlement of the peninsula to the 20th century Civil War. You’ll learn how Spain drew a spectrum of peoples from ancient Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East, who formed vibrant communities on the peninsula. Witness the subjugation of the peninsula by Rome and Gothic peoples, leading to the drama of Islamic Spain and the Reconquista, Catholic Spain and the Inquisition, and the conquest of the New World.

From there, the course delves into the royal dynasties and dazzling artistic heritage of the Habsburg and Bourbon kings, tracking Spain’s storied emergence into the modern world. You’ll learn about the singular features of Spanish history, including its role as the birthplace of the Renaissance, the catalyst for the opening of the New World, and a primary player in the vast commercial revolution that changed the world in the 17th century. Spain’s collapse of its great empire also sheds light upon the later disintegration of other European empires, and its 20th century history reveals much about the rise and fall of fascism in Europe. Designed for a wide audience, this course provides a penetrating overview of the development of Spanish civilization. You’ll gain a comprehensive picture of Spanish life and culture, including history, architecture, art, religion, science, and the humanities. Additionally, we offer many pointers for travel in Spain, highlighting the country’s outstanding historical and cultural sights and their significance. Enroll now to discover the dramatic, colorful, poignant, inspiring, and heartrending history of Spain.

What you’ll discover:

  • The pivotal role that Spain has played in Western civilization throughout history;
  • The unique and dramatic features of Spanish history, including the Renaissance, the opening of the New World, and the commercial revolution;
  • The development of Spanish civilization from its early Neolithic settlement to the 20th century Civil War;
  • The vibrant artistic heritage of Spain, including architecture, art, and literature;
  • The role of religion, science, and the humanities in Spanish life and culture.

Who should take this course:

  • Anyone interested in history and culture;
  • Students of Spanish language and literature;
  • People interested in the intersection of religion, politics, and art;
  • Scholars and academics in related fields.