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A History of Eastern Europe: From Migration to Modernity

Explore the captivating history and culture of Eastern Europe in our multidisciplinary course. With a focus on the modern era, gain insight into the region’s diverse ethnic groups, ever-shifting national borders, and evolving relationship with the West

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Discover the fascinating history and culture of Eastern Europe in our comprehensive course. Despite being viewed as the “Other Europe,” this region has a rich and complex past that has shaped the world we know today. To truly appreciate Eastern Europe, it’s essential to explore its history in the context of global events.

Our course takes you on a 1,000-year journey through Eastern Europe, with a particular focus on its modern era. You’ll gain insight into the region’s diverse ethnic groups, its ever-shifting national borders, and its evolving relationship with Western Europe.

Led by expert instructors, our course offers a multidisciplinary approach that delves into the cultural fabric of Eastern Europe. You’ll learn about the everyday citizens who influenced the politics of the region, as well as the artists and writers who inspired the world. Witness the rise and fall of empires, the impact of wars, and gain a comprehensive understanding of this captivating region.

Unlike courses focused solely on military or political history, our course covers a wide range of topics. You’ll learn about the poets-turned-politicians, the working class people who led uprisings, and the diverse cultures that have shaped Eastern Europe over time. With its breathtaking scope and relevance to today’s world, our course offers a powerful survey of this diverse region and its people.

Our course is suitable for anyone interested in history, and those who are simply curious about this intriguing region. Join us for an exciting journey through the complexities of Eastern Europe, gain a deep understanding of its past and present, and explore the impact of this unique region on the world.

What you’ll achieve:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the history and culture of Eastern Europe;
  • Explore the region’s diverse ethnic groups and national borders;
  • Discover the evolving relationship between Eastern and Western Europe;
  • Learn about everyday citizens who shaped the region’s politics;
  • Understand the impact of wars and empires on Eastern Europe;
  • Appreciate the cultural contributions of Eastern European artists and writers.

Who should take this course:

  • History enthusiasts interested in learning about Eastern Europe;
  • Educators seeking a comprehensive resource on the region;
  • Individuals curious about the complex history and culture of Eastern Europe;
  • Those interested in the evolving relationship between Eastern and Western Europe;
  • Anyone seeking a multidisciplinary exploration of this captivating region.